Size M

I made a bet with myself last week that if I could make it to the gym at least 3 days then I could go buy some new work out clothes. My work out clothes have been a TRUE struggle. I feel like nothing fits at all ( this is really clothes in general these days) I’m between a large and a medium. Witch truly is a great thing because I was a XL when I started! Any way, I made it to the gym and I was super excited that I was able to make it all 3 days and I was able to get some new clothes, but I made a even bigger bet with myself ‘ if I work out 3 more times then I can get a new watch too!!’ That was a big deal because I broke the watch I got for Christmas and now I feel naked!! So I went on Monday morning and meet with the trainer and did couch to 5k (week 2 by the way woot wooot) then on Tuesday I took a rest day but on Wednesday morning I woke up and when to the gym did my new work out from the trainer went to work and then hit up some awesome kick but zumba making 3 workouts!!! I was on my way home and realized that I may be super exhausted from my super active day, but I owed myself a little shopping trip!!

I got to the store and I didn’t know what to get! My size large paints from the Old Navy active line kept falling down all threw zumba. I knew the lady’s behind me we like ‘ why did this girl wear pants that don’t fit her’ but I’m sorry, I’m struggling to loose weight and none of my clothes fit good!! Gezze. Okay so back at the store … Im trying I decide between M and L. And I have nooooo clue which to get… no clue. I could not try them on because I was nasty and sweaty. So when I was looking on the Clarence rack (sorry that just where I shop) and find this awesome pair that matched my shoes and everything and I was sooooo excited … Then I saw the size! It was a medium and I got soo upset because I wanted them so bad and they were perfect. I didn’t wanna buy them and get home and they not fit. I’m funny about things like that. Instead of me thinking hey I will fit in to it soon I get really put out.


Y’all they fit! I could not believe it, this is only the second medium piece of clothing that I have been able to fit in to in a LONG LONG LONG time.

So if your nervousness about fitting in to that one thing you really wanna fit in to just do it! it just might fit!

Oh my my watch matches them too!!




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