Monday meltdown!!!

So on monday nights I have weight-in at weightwatchers… Yes I know it’s crazy to weight myself at night but that’s the only time I could go. I haven’t posted my stats yet and now I’m going to. These are real numbers!!

Start date January 6 2014
SW: 191.4
CW: 177.7

Total weightloss 13.8

This makes me a little sad and I have weighed in yet today but I guess we will see. I really wanted to see myself lose more than this by now, but I haven’t been that dedicated and I have just kind of been eating what ever I want when ever I wanted.

Good and bad of the week
Good: this weekend was the cherryblossom festival here in Macon and y’all I was soo soo good I didn’t eat my bad fair food and I make a awesome choice t the food truck park!! A yummy kale salad it was soo good! If you knew how mug I love fair food you would think this is a big deal too!! I also worked out 4 times this week it’s only taken 3 months for me to do this!!
Bad: all week I ate out and made not so great choices. I also didn’t use portion control at all!!


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