This weeks workouts

My workouts have be all over the place. I feel like nothing is ever the same… Oh well at least I’m workingout right? My focus has been on being active and I have done that!

Monday: walked after weight watchers
Tuesday: woke up and went to the gym
Wesnesday: Zumba!!! Soo flipping fun!
Today: wonderful goodness at the gym

I’m going to try and make it to the gym tomorrow!! I felt soo good when I finished my workout this morning, so I’m hoping I can remember that tomorrow when my alarm goes off!!

I’m going to weigh myself when I get home tonight and see where I am. This week at weigh in I gained ALOT! But what I’m focusing on is my clothes. I have found myself in pants this week that didn’t fit before Christmas and now I need a belt! It’s super exciting to me!! I feel like non-scale accomplishments are just a important as scale ones! To many people get hung up by a number. My goal is to simply love my body again.

This weekend I’m trying on clothes that I wanted to fit in by now and my fingers are crossed that I get to keep them! I’m also purging all of my big clothes from winter. I’m hoping that if I do this my mind will understand that this body is CHANGING no matter what! And next year I will be to small for them!


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