Wrap up the month of April ( in the middle of May)

I didn’t post my updated stats for the mouth of April so I’m going to do it now.

Start date January 6 2014
SW: 191.4
CW: 176

Total weightloss 15.8

I can’t believe I have lost 15 almost 16 pounds. I have not always been good, and some weeks I have gained a lot! But I think 15 pounds is HUGE! 4.2 pounds and I will have lost 10% yay!!

I am also 10 pounds away from my 1st goal weight I would love to be there by July 4th! My plan to do this is
…zumba baby!

Just a update I have been doing zumba ALOT in the past 3 weeks and it’s been so enjoyable. I also got the game so I could do it at home and so far I have done it for 4 days!

I’m so proud of myself for sticking with this! I had to learn to do it for myself not anyone else! And I’m proud of myself for the first time in a long LONG time!

I’m also thinking about setting a date to go for training. Just a thought in the air right now. Look for later post to see my pros and cons!

Hope to be less of myself next time!


It’s Monday

So it’s Monday and I’m about to weigh in I wanna reflect on the week for a moment before I face the scale!

Last Monday I was down 1.6 and my favorite leader at weight watchers was covering the meeting! I also hit my 16 weeks!! Thy say that if you stick with it for 16 weeks then your more Likely to lose your weight! So I hope this means it’s coming off.

On Tuesday I had a fancy dinner with alums at Wesleyan. It’s so great to be a young alum everyone is interested in what your doing and where you work! I’m so thankful to have a job to boast about and show that I am independent!! I controlled my huger and didn’t eat any deserts. ( normally I would be all about it and and go back for more). Oh but I almost forgot I had Krispy Kreme! Yes I did so bad I know but heavenly!

Wednesday I had to over night babysit Blah blah blah I hate doing it soooo much but she really needed some help with it so I said yes! We ate out at the worst place ever Jeaneans. Southern cooking at it finest!! I had fried chicken, Mac and Cheese, and pole beans yummy! However I was able to control myself and didn’t eat all of it. I can remember just last summer getting the same meal and have banana pudding to rap it up with! Gosh you know I have days where I feel like I haven’t really changed much, but then I go somewhere like that and I think to myself OMG what was I doing! Thank god I have changed!

Thursday oh it was bad too we ate at Burger King because we didn’t wanna cook then had Dairy Queen. Haha we ate at the king and the queen!! I would like to opt out of talking about this!!

Friday Friday Friday what did we have Friday oh I remember! Homemade sweet and sour pork it was pretty good! I had less than a cup of rice and it was still good and filling! Oh I did have pizza for lunch I know so bad but I could not not have it!

Sat morning I got on the scale and it said 174 I could not believe it! I had not seen that number in forever! That day was crazy tho! We had to go to Warner Robins because we were going to a international dinner that night and had to get some stuff we needed. So many goodies yummy!! But we ended up getting stuck there at a birthday party, and y’all I didn’t have any cake I passed up the sweets twice!! Agh I’m so proud! I did know though that at the dinner we were going I would have an awesome desert and so I was saving! We went home and made home-made noodles and egg rolls and we were ready for the party. It was so hard to not over eat! I think I did a awesome job. I sampled everything just a little and got small portions! The only thing I ate a lot of was the desert! But I felt I deserved it! I also only had 2 drinks. I was disappointed in this I really didn’t wanna drink any liquid calories but the “bartender ” was pushing it. Thankfully Tricia knew I didn’t want to drink so she took one for the team and finished them when no one was looking. I love her!

Sunday fun day!
We had tacos for lunch (veggie beef) yummy! It was a cinco de mayo party at church! Yummy in my tummy!! And I got in to a bathing suit and wasn’t worried I felt good and it was nice to not be worried! And I felt okay! It was nice ad surprised me. The past 2 years I have dreaded the bathing suits and last year I didn’t wear it on the beach! So this was a big deal for me!!

Looking at this now I will be surprised if I lose any at all… :/

Okay now I’m ready for the scale.

I lost 1.4!!! Yay! Soo excited!!

I’m super proud of myself and I hope to keep up losing this way!

I’m going to try and run in the morning !!