All my life I’ve been struggling with confidence. I never know who I am, I never know how I feel, but I do know I always felt bad about myself.

Confidence is something I always have been lacking. Today I was watching TV and I saw the best commercial I’ve ever seen. I’ve tried a lot of diets out there. I’ve tried the diet pills, I’ve tried lose weight quick scams, I’ve tried slim fast, I’ve tried Special K. I have tried pretty much anything there is any sort of scam that there is to get to lose weight fast I have tried.

There commercials are so interesting. They seem like what they are offering you is going to work no matter what. They never come up with something that makes you feel good except for Special K.


I have recently discovered that I hate jeans. I hate how tight they are, I hate how itchy they are, and I hate that I can’t move around them like I can in yoga pants( my new favorite). Two weekends ago I was at a bachelorette party in Nashville. It was with a group of girls who I am not necessarily friends with now, but in high school we all hung out we went to parties together. Of course we were all different in high school. Me personally I was much thinner, I was more confident, and I was very popular. In high school jeans were my thing I pretty much had enough jeans that I could wear one every single day of the month and not have to wash any. Now that situation is yoga pants I have that meany yoga pants. We were all wearing the same shirts and jeans I was complaining about my jeans and they couldn’t believe I didn’t like jeans anymore!

High school Cara


And as I look threw photos I find out even in college I was rocking jeans!

College Cara ( first year)


It’s so funny how when were in the present we think were so overweight but then a few years down the road we go back and look at it and was like oh my god we were so skinny! All through college I was like oh I’m overweight, oh I’m too fat, oh this, oh that, but when I look at it now. I’m like holy cow I was actually at a healthy weight!

So why I have I compiled all of these jean picture from my prime? Special K had the best love your self commercial! If you haven’t seen it please please watch it!!

rethink your jean size

With cold weather on the way I encourage you to watch this and really embrace this kind of thinking about yourself…

You are more than just the number!

I may not be at my prime or the weight I think I should be! But I was actually rocking my jeans in Nashville!


I’m to the left of the bride!

Thank you so much for reading!
Is there anything your not confident about?
What are your opinions about the Special K commercial?

Cara Marie

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