My life is a up and down… Things are always changing. Here resent my I have been complaining about how busy we have been, but we are living our life!!!

I’m not making time to work out this week I’m working on that! Sometime active everyday! Tomorrow I am starting my day off right and going to the gym!

I also have ordered the 21 day fix! Y’all i sooo sooo soo excited for it to come in the mail! 5 to 7 business days is going to feel like FOREVER! If you are doing the 21 day fix I would love to know your thoughts and I need some accountably, and if you do too let me know!! I would love to be your buddy!

That’s really all I have to report on!


Wrap up the month of April ( in the middle of May)

I didn’t post my updated stats for the mouth of April so I’m going to do it now.

Start date January 6 2014
SW: 191.4
CW: 176

Total weightloss 15.8

I can’t believe I have lost 15 almost 16 pounds. I have not always been good, and some weeks I have gained a lot! But I think 15 pounds is HUGE! 4.2 pounds and I will have lost 10% yay!!

I am also 10 pounds away from my 1st goal weight I would love to be there by July 4th! My plan to do this is
…zumba baby!

Just a update I have been doing zumba ALOT in the past 3 weeks and it’s been so enjoyable. I also got the game so I could do it at home and so far I have done it for 4 days!

I’m so proud of myself for sticking with this! I had to learn to do it for myself not anyone else! And I’m proud of myself for the first time in a long LONG time!

I’m also thinking about setting a date to go for training. Just a thought in the air right now. Look for later post to see my pros and cons!

Hope to be less of myself next time!

This weeks workouts

My workouts have be all over the place. I feel like nothing is ever the same… Oh well at least I’m workingout right? My focus has been on being active and I have done that!

Monday: walked after weight watchers
Tuesday: woke up and went to the gym
Wesnesday: Zumba!!! Soo flipping fun!
Today: wonderful goodness at the gym

I’m going to try and make it to the gym tomorrow!! I felt soo good when I finished my workout this morning, so I’m hoping I can remember that tomorrow when my alarm goes off!!

I’m going to weigh myself when I get home tonight and see where I am. This week at weigh in I gained ALOT! But what I’m focusing on is my clothes. I have found myself in pants this week that didn’t fit before Christmas and now I need a belt! It’s super exciting to me!! I feel like non-scale accomplishments are just a important as scale ones! To many people get hung up by a number. My goal is to simply love my body again.

This weekend I’m trying on clothes that I wanted to fit in by now and my fingers are crossed that I get to keep them! I’m also purging all of my big clothes from winter. I’m hoping that if I do this my mind will understand that this body is CHANGING no matter what! And next year I will be to small for them!