Wrap up the month of April ( in the middle of May)

I didn’t post my updated stats for the mouth of April so I’m going to do it now.

Start date January 6 2014
SW: 191.4
CW: 176

Total weightloss 15.8

I can’t believe I have lost 15 almost 16 pounds. I have not always been good, and some weeks I have gained a lot! But I think 15 pounds is HUGE! 4.2 pounds and I will have lost 10% yay!!

I am also 10 pounds away from my 1st goal weight I would love to be there by July 4th! My plan to do this is
…zumba baby!

Just a update I have been doing zumba ALOT in the past 3 weeks and it’s been so enjoyable. I also got the game so I could do it at home and so far I have done it for 4 days!

I’m so proud of myself for sticking with this! I had to learn to do it for myself not anyone else! And I’m proud of myself for the first time in a long LONG time!

I’m also thinking about setting a date to go for training. Just a thought in the air right now. Look for later post to see my pros and cons!

Hope to be less of myself next time!


The gym vs Zumba

The gym is so great and horrible all at the same time! Zumba is fun exciting but cost money

Good part of the gym:

When I get there I feel like a gym person! You know those people who look awesome and are just cool because they go to the gym.

Tanning, my current gym has tanning and it’s awesome!

It’s open all the time I can go when ever

(WOW that’s my pro list 3 things)

Cons to the gym:

I have to go their. Sounds lazy but it’s the truth. I work really long workdays days 7:45 to 5:30 with children all day. My only choices are a getting up at 5 in the Morning and working out or bgoing after a long day work and getting in a hour and a half at the gym and being leaving the gym at 7:15

I’m sure most of you are reading this say that both of those are do-able. I understand that, but not a morning person… I have tried everything possible. Y’all my alarm clock is in the other Room and I still wake up, get out of bed, walk down the hall, stubble over my gym clothes that i put there for that reason , turn the alarm off, walk back to my room and get back in bed . That is how much of a non morning person I am. Oh, and might I add, I was in bed by 10. Nothing gets me up, last night is told myself I could go get my toes done if I got up and went to the gym. this is truly a nightly thing … I lay in bed and think about a reward I can give myself. I even find myself asking Tricia ‘what will you give me if I make it to the gym tomorrow’ nothing gets me out of bed!! BTW didn’t go this morning.

After school I’m so ready to be home I don’t even like to go shopping. 99% of the time go strait home so lame I know bur mainly I miss Tricia so much I need see her ASAP.

I also like to make dinner…homemade if I went to the gym afterwork that would put me home at what time did we say …. 7:15 … I’m not a speed cook, so dinner at 8:30 that’s so late. Tricia will have turned in to a raisin by then!

Worst Part Is they don’t offer classes. Zumba is my favorite thing on this earth!! And yoga in the morning is great! Maybe some kick boxing and there is plyo and why can’t everyone do cross fit?? You only need a couple of things!!

Soo I’m pretty sure I’m dropping the gym membership and doing Zumba. A co-worker ad I have tried a few things and it has fallen threw. I think we can do this. I have the beginner DVDs and there are three DVDs. If I can do it for a week I can buy the set they have on TV. with the stepper 4 payments is 19.95 that’s 4 mouths of gym for hopefully a life time of fitness and maybe even a side job.

I have gone to classes on and off for 5 years now makes me sound old and I love the energy the dancing and how much it’s like cheering! But I wanna do it more but I don’t wanna pay 6$ everyday to go to a different zumba class everyday so I’m trying it at home!

I wanted the Kinnect zumba and I had it but I don’t know where it is soo mad!

I started the beginner tonight and I feel pretty great about it. I learned some stuff!! And I just feel wonderful when I do it!! One step closer to being a instructor. Thinking about looking at dates the classes for maybe a goal to truly be ready by. But don’t wanna do pin it down right yet… Maybe week 3… Don’t worry I will keep it posted!

The only con was I kicked Tricia out of the living room! This means work out room!! We have a guest bedroom that I use as a storage room!! So goal this weekend it’s getting cleaned and moved around!! So it can be a work out room! I also still haven’t got rid of my clothes that are to big. That’s happening too I think!

I’m jut happy to be feeling better and moving again! Also got not one not two but three comments about how I’m loosing weight…. Can you say OMG my day was totally made by three simple comments!

up coming post
Posting my first transformation Tuesday this coming Tuesday! Soo excited and so nervous!

Let me know what you think about gym vs zumba !

Weekend workouts!

I did Zumba all weekend!!!
I woke up on Saturday and did some Zumba YouTube videos. Worked out only moderately so to hard. It was morning!! But I was super happy that I got my body up and moved a little! The rest of my day I walked around and just spend time with Tricia. She left early this morning to go visit her family. I really don’t like it when she leaves I hate being here all alone. Anyway tonight I made it to a actually zumba with Kaylie and had such a great time!!!

Tomorrow is weigh in and I’m hoping and praying I lose! I think I will lose I worked hard this week and watched what I have been eating.

Size M

I made a bet with myself last week that if I could make it to the gym at least 3 days then I could go buy some new work out clothes. My work out clothes have been a TRUE struggle. I feel like nothing fits at all ( this is really clothes in general these days) I’m between a large and a medium. Witch truly is a great thing because I was a XL when I started! Any way, I made it to the gym and I was super excited that I was able to make it all 3 days and I was able to get some new clothes, but I made a even bigger bet with myself ‘ if I work out 3 more times then I can get a new watch too!!’ That was a big deal because I broke the watch I got for Christmas and now I feel naked!! So I went on Monday morning and meet with the trainer and did couch to 5k (week 2 by the way woot wooot) then on Tuesday I took a rest day but on Wednesday morning I woke up and when to the gym did my new work out from the trainer went to work and then hit up some awesome kick but zumba making 3 workouts!!! I was on my way home and realized that I may be super exhausted from my super active day, but I owed myself a little shopping trip!!

I got to the store and I didn’t know what to get! My size large paints from the Old Navy active line kept falling down all threw zumba. I knew the lady’s behind me we like ‘ why did this girl wear pants that don’t fit her’ but I’m sorry, I’m struggling to loose weight and none of my clothes fit good!! Gezze. Okay so back at the store … Im trying I decide between M and L. And I have nooooo clue which to get… no clue. I could not try them on because I was nasty and sweaty. So when I was looking on the Clarence rack (sorry that just where I shop) and find this awesome pair that matched my shoes and everything and I was sooooo excited … Then I saw the size! It was a medium and I got soo upset because I wanted them so bad and they were perfect. I didn’t wanna buy them and get home and they not fit. I’m funny about things like that. Instead of me thinking hey I will fit in to it soon I get really put out.


Y’all they fit! I could not believe it, this is only the second medium piece of clothing that I have been able to fit in to in a LONG LONG LONG time.

So if your nervousness about fitting in to that one thing you really wanna fit in to just do it! it just might fit!

Oh my my watch matches them too!!